Few Words


We’re devoted to making healthy mean delicious

At Cha Chai Home we believe that eating healthy non-meat meals should  be just as enjoyable and delicious as anything you can find on a meat inclusive menu – or even more so! We have developed a large choice of dishes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack options – all meat free, all homemade, all fresh and all tasty. We pride ourselves on creating original and fusion treats which you cannot find anywhere else, incorporating traditional Thai herbs and spices, as well as international tastes and ‘superfood’ options. We offer a choice to suit every palette, and make sure that what you receive is not only fresh and homemade, but also clean and healthy.

Because we care about things which count…

…Like your health, the planet and all the species on her, we chose to offer meat free dishes. By choosing to eat just one meat free meal, you save about 3000 gallons of water and 15 pounds of grain; you help to stop the destruction of the Rainforest (91% of the 136 million acres cleared have been due to animal agriculture, resulting in 1-2 acres being cleared every second); you help to decrease the 51% of greenhouse gases  caused directly, or indirectly, by animal agriculture; and you help to decrease the slaughter of 59 billion animals per year…

…Additionally, by eating less or no meat, you also help to improve your health, lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure, sodium levels, and your chance of getting cancer, heart disease, having a stroke or forming kidney stones. Did we mention that increasing the number of vegetarian or vegan meals in your diet is also one of the best ways to help achieve and maintain a healthy and stable weight?

…Of course, not everyone is able, or willing, to be vegetarian or vegan, but many are reducing the amount of meat and animal products which they eat – and this is a growing trend essential for our survival as a species. Ultimately, everyone eating less meat will have more impact than a few people eating no meat.

Each meal you eat is an opportunity for you to chose (don’t beat yourself up for not choosing vegetarian!), but remember that for every vegetarian or vegan meal that you do chose,  you are making a positive contribution to your health, the health of the planet, and all the species on her…

As well as choosing no meat to help the environment, we also try to use natural materials, such as paper bags and cups, and water refills instead of plastic bottles, to cut down on the amount of plastic waste going into the environment and our oceans.

What’s more, our drinks do not automatically come with a straw; instead, customers are given the choice of no straw, or of purchasing a reusable bamboo straw for the cut price cost of just 20 baht when taken with a drink (50 baht if bought separately). They can then reuse the straw not only at our restaurant, but also at all the other places where they are eating and drinking, thus helping to drastically reduce the amount of plastic straws ending up on beaches and in oceans.

The money from the bamboo straws goes to TCDF foundation,  in Pa Tho (2 hours from Koh Phayam) to support their activities in the local community there (please see this link to their website for more information: TCDF).

Another local NGO whom we support is ‘All for the Villages’, who with Fiona, their amazing volunteer who lives in the island, help to support projects amongst the local people and children, especially the indigenous minority group – the Moken (sea gypsy) people – helping them to enjoy a higher standard of living and better education. Also, they have been instrumental in organizing numerous vet visits to the island, both with Thai and International volunteers, to help deal with the problem of stray animals by sterilizing large numbers of them, and treating them for free. To find out more about all for the villages, please see their website: ‘www.all for the villages.org’ or their fb page: ‘All for the Villages Thailand’

Although we are far from perfect, we do believe that every little bit helps, and with your support, the positive choices we make together can help to transform both your well being, the well being of our planet and all the species on her.